Down and out in Cumbria

So you are all wondering where I’ve been and what’s happening to my cycle training (ok so maybe you are not).

The season started off well and ground to a fairly shattering halt with a knee injury. I was cycling with ‘the youngsters’ (8 and 10 years the younger) when the pain in my knee first hit at about 3 miles into a 25 mile loop. Being the typical (worse) kind of macho male I soldiered on (you see even the subconscious use of a military reference proves the point about being macho – no flaming regarding women in the military please).
After stopping for a cuppa at Orton Scar cafe I already knew that I would be in agony on the way back and probably off the bike for two or three days.

Here I am ten weeks on with the gammy knee. I have managed a couple of very minor trips with Lydia (as she is cycling for the first time after her partial knee replacement) and one loop to Sedbergh and back (22 miles) but I am already at my limit without causing further damage.

My specialist physio consultation is three weeks away so the season is fast slipping away and I am very tetchy indeed.

Wish me a speedy recovery otherwise the Land’s End to John O’Groats trip will have to be postponed !

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