GoPro, NoGo. Hero to Zero

So I succumbed to a GoPro Hero video camera for the bike adventures. More kit to carry and more time then up before and after the rides I know, but it all adds to the enjoyment. At least that’s what I thought at the time.

My one and only trip out with it mounted on my cycling helmet was on a beautiful sunny day (last Sunday) and I found myself with an opportunity for a bit of a sporting ride. Four cyclists passed me as I paused at the Fat Lamb to make some adjustments and I took that as my cue to spice up the ride to Sedbergh with a bit of a race.

The miniature peloton soon split as two of the guys pushed on swiftly, leaving one male and one female rider further separated.
I used this little scene to add some commentary at different volume levels such that I could work out after the event how to get the best real time audio (anyone passing me might have thought I’d lost my marbles but they’d have had to be quicker than Cav or Brad at the speed I was going).

I quickly tagged on to the back rider, spinning for a while as I took on some liquid. Then I made my mini attack and set my sights on the next rider. Meanwhile the front runners had paused to take pictures so I overtook them, by virtue of the fact that I was moving and they weren’t. Pretty good tactics thus far I think you’ll agree.

I’d made a fair advance and decided I could afford a short stop at Cautley Spout for a sports gel. Just as I was getting on the bike the peloton had regrouped and came zipping past me (and was that a smirk I detected?).

This little dance for positions was turning out to be fun. The group probably out for a nice leisurely ride were wondering what this joker with a camera on his head was up to but I wasn’t to be put off. I branched off into Sedbergh more or less alongside them so we’ll call it an honourable draw. The fact that I went up a one way street (deliberately) invited the wrath of an oldie in an open topped sports car. He shouted and gesticulated that I was going the wrong way. I thanked him politely and told him that I knew.

On the return journey I had the camera running the whole time and captured scenes of the big event of the weekend, a wedding catered for by BigPanManCatering.

Time to head home and see what footage was in the can.

GroPro’s software would’t even install on Windows 10, nor in compatibility mode.
I called the USA. Support was US.

Their software installed on MacOS, started loading in data and then crashed, Eleven video sessions were imported but went down a black hole and the data card had been wiped in the process.

The Camera was boxed up and shipped back and I bought another from a competitor (cheaper but with good reviews).

The footage looks ok but it is well bleached out by this exceptional summer weather on October 1st (White Rabbit, Whilte Rabbit),

I’ll need to spend more time experimenting properly, but I think it could be a useful addition to the tech bag.

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