I died for 12 minutes! It’s official.

Well that’s according to Garmin. Take a look around 1 hour 44 minutes when I had no heartbeat until 1 hour 58 minutes.

Fortunately I lived to tell the tale. I was somewhat drowned in the heavy rain and my fitness levels have plummeted due to inactivity caused by the persistent knee injury.

Hopefully the consultation with the physiotherapist on Tuesday will provide a pointer as to what exactly is wrong with my knee.

My heart rate is way higher than it has been (10 ppm higher on average) and I peaked out at 196 bpm on the last climb home against a very heavy head wind . I guess it’s time to investigate some supplementary exercise focused on lowering the heart rate.


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  1. Kev Cavendish

    Great to see you back on it, i will be joining you shortly myself as the pounds are accumulating,



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