Inspired by a touring Guru

This evening I had the pleasure to join Darren Alff’s live YouTube webinar for about an hour and a half.

Darren is the cycle touring professional and can be found at where you can find a treasure chest of articles, photos, videos tips and tricks all revolving around his fifteen years as a serial cycle tourist. His country list is too long even for him to recite and his numerous trips in the USA (starting with the West Coast and including no less than six rides across his homeland) are truly inspiring.

What I found most interesting during the Q&A part of the live session were just how much self-sufficient kit he carries (not so much living essentials as pro-work equipment, laptop, cameras, hard drive back devices [2] and so on) and how he finds the best part of his (long) travels to be the solo wild camping,

I was also interested to discover some of his most listened to podcasts (including “This American Life” which is my personal favourite) though I might have turned away to check the evening meal and missed a subtlety as to whether he listens whist riding or only when he’s not in the saddle.

For my teeny-weeny cycle outings I listen sometimes to music and other times just to the environment around me, With the weather closing in and the clocks soon to change (Spring forward, Fall back as the saying goes) I can see that it all soon be time to turn to the indoor turbo trainer, at which point I will have the iPad mounted straight ahead with the brilliance of something like to pass away the exercise time, otherwise compensating for not being outdoors.

That said I am blessed with a beautiful view of Wild Boar Fell from the comfort of the garden room so with the combination of tech, warmth and a view, there’s really no excuse not to exercise is there?.

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  1. Darren Alff

    Thanks for tuning in to the webinar today. It was great to have you on there. Nice website theme by the way! 😉


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