Not quite ready for Team GB

Don’t let on to my specialist physio that I have been somewhat lax with my exercises for the duff knee (thinking about it he’ll earn more in the long term). Anyway, the lack of exercise in general and more specifically the cycling has brought me up short having decided to get back on the bike again yesterday.

It has been five weeks since I last had a spin and I see from my logbook that I managed a respectable twenty four miles (the knee held out) . Yesterday I leapt into action for a test run (knowing the knee was no better) and managed an eleven mile loop with some hefty winds on the open fells to grapple with. Today it looked too nice to ignore another opportunity to get mobile. It was only on the last climb that I realised a ten percent gradient after twenty miles and over fifteen hundred feet of climbing was about the limit of my current fitness.

I had to get off the bike for the last twenty metres of the climb and it really cheesed me off that I did not have the legs to make it. On a positive note it is another thirty miles and more than enough exercise to burn off the cream tea and a few glasses of wine in the evening.

That’s what I like to tell myself anyway (as I watch the Olympics on the TV).

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