The bike renamed

As the preparation for this coming weekend’s trip gets underway I’ve even taken to the first bike cleaning session.

The beast looks good and the panniers are packed in order to see what the overall effect is like.

I’ve renamed my Trek to Truk as it is carrying plenty of stuff, what with my clothing for on and off bike as well as plenty of tech essentials:

  • Garmin Edge Touring Pro GPS
  • Cycle computer
  • Iphone 6 plus (crossbar mounted)
  • Lights (usb rechargeable)
  • Earphones
  • Ipod shuffle
  • Assorted cables
  • Portable power pack
  • Cheapo Pro video camera
  • Digital voice recorder

There will be the range of liquids, gels, nutri-bars etc as well as a miniature bag under the saddle with tools, inner tube, repair kit, coins and notes.

The bar bag well take care of all the essential items not already strapped to the bike or in the panniers, including a range of credit / debit cards, Dales Rail Card (in case of a disaster), minor clothing accessories and routes cards in case of a tech catastrophe.

So it’s a proof of concept in a small way. Fifty miles out and fifty miles back the next day with a fair amount of climbing along the way.

Skipton has a really nice bike shop (hope it’s open on Sunday) and the town is lovely anyway. What with a halfway point at the delightful Hawes what could be nicer?

Kev (aka Cav since he’s met him) and yours truly (aka Lance since I have been known to be “off road” with respect to the pharmaceuticals at various points in history) are putting the first pedal rotation in on Saturday morning at 9am.

We only need to double the daily distance (90 – 100 miles per day) and repeat for the equivalent of six weekends concurrently (12 days consecutively) to equal the End to End journey.


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