Time to face up to the injuries

So the plans went completely out of the window following a knee injury (rather scary to think that nearly two years have passed since then). I put it down to macho pride in trying to keep up on a steep climb too early on in the ride with two youngsters (9 and 20 years younger than me and one of them very bike fit). Reflecting on it the same problem has bothered me on a few occasions whilst fell walking but it usually self-corrected within a couple of days. The injury hasn’t resolved itself and I have a twin pain in the other other knee now, so along with the duff back (lower and upper) I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself in terms of achieving any cycling goals whatsoever.

With the help of some hefty youngsters I’ve been barrowing stone, subsoil (for which read heavy wet clay full of stone) and topsoil; over 30 tonnes in all. My slice of the action is probably 20-25% of that, so I figured a bit of cycling would be a walk in the park (to deliberately mix my metaphors) and I got out the other night for a quick 10 mile spin. Living in the Cumbrian hills is a mixed blessing especially when you are unfit as the hills are somewhat steep and the winds often pretty forceful. On the A683 Sedbergh road (after only the first mile) I was faced with very strong headwinds. In my haste and not having been out on the bike since last August I forgot both my heart rate monitor and more importantly anything to drink. Live and learn Lee, live and learn.

At least I was back in the saddle at last. The knees are the same (but working) and the back still hurts. Ten miles was a sensible starter run (not sure I’d have got much further when you look at the climb back up to Hill View) so I now need some regular rides to build up the stamina with a summer goal to get the Coast To Coast (C2C) under my belt. Wish me luck and no further injuries.

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